Provide Your Customers With the Mission-Critical Coverage They Need

One of the fastest growing risks companies face is the financial damage 
that occurs when their cloud-based service provider has an outage. Now brokers
can protect their customers by helping transfer these uncontrollable business risks. 

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What You Get With Parametrix

A unique must-have insurance product

Meet soaring market demand with the only affordable policy that provides you with a competitive edge while providing your clients with protection and stability. 

Grow your commissions with new and existing clients

The demand exists and the inflow is automated so you can easily add new clients, as well as expand existing business, with must-have coverage.

Rapid hassle-free payout processes

Our technology automatically detects outages so your clients receive their payouts with no claims adjustment process or restrictions on payment use.

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Trustworthy and transparent policies

Backed by some of the biggest insurers and reinsurers including certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, our policies are fully transparent across all insurance terms.

Instantly generate a quote and bind the customer policy

Fast, flexible and easy to use automated onboarding in just a few minutes – no need to install anything or have prior technical knowledge.

One Click for Everything with Your Personal Portal

The easy-to-use Parametrix broker portal provides multiple benefits to help you land new customers and expand existing ones.

One click pre-filled forms

Receive everything you need to know about the customer before talking to them – IT systems, financial exposure to outages, and how likely they are to purchase a policy

One click policy creation 

With our automatically generated pre-filled forms, all you need to do is confirm the information with your customer, adjust if necessary, and click through to generate the policy

One click information tracking

We collect all the information you need in one place so you can easily access it to track your entire sales process – policies issued, claims paid, renewal alerts and much more 

One click status monitoring 

You can quickly access all the customer data you need anywhere and at any time, including policy details and sales status, as well as the status of their insured services 

One click claims process

After getting an alert that an outage has triggered your customer’s policy, you can easily track the hassle-free process until they get paid within 15 days of the insured event

We partner with the best in the business

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the only affordable coverage for the rapidly growing downtime risks created by third-party cloud-based providers

Read through our FAQ list which covers everything you need to know about  downtime, as well as about company, offerings and coverage

Learn more about parametric policies which are triggered when objective criteria are met, creating a transparent and hassle-free claims process

Read about a new first-of-its-kind policy  designed to protect  against third-party cloud-based downtime.

Get Started Today

You can also schedule a call directly with one of our downtime insurance experts.

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