Building Trust to Drive Growth: Our New Report on Crypto Downtime

The crypto market cap crossed the $2T mark again in March 2022. Despite hyper growth, there is still an inherent, perceived risk holding crypto back from reaching its full mainstream potential – trust.

In April of 2022, we surveyed 522 people, both crypto users and non-users alike to understand how trust was impacting the use of crypto platforms, exchanges, swaps and wallets.

We discovered some very interesting trends, and laid them out in our 2022 Parametrix Crypto Confidence Report. 

Read it to learn:

  • What are crypto users’ biggest concerns when it comes to crypto platforms?
  • How do those differ from non-crypto investors?
  • How do crypto users react to outages  when they can’t access their funds or transact?
  • What do crypto and non-crypto investors believe can be done to instill trust and grow confidence in crypto platforms? 

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Downtime happens.
We make sure you’re
financially protected.

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