Downtime Insurance for CDN Services

Your customers expect your web applications to be up and running at all times, but you have no control over what happens when your CDN service provider goes down.

This is where Parametrix comes in with our simple and smart policies for businesses that rely on CDN for their mission-critical activities. Our policies cover financial damages you incur from a CDN outage.

What Happens When Your CDN Service Goes Down?

CDNs distribute internet content across the globe, and are mission critical to businesses with an online presence. The top providers include Cloudflare, Akamai, AWS Cloufront and Fastly. A single hour of CDN downtime can cost companies between tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you really want to risk the financial exposure created by your CDN provider’s downtime events? While your CDN provider may compensate you with credits, you still need to cover an array of financial losses including:

Lost Revenues

Downtime can strain your company’s financial reserves due to unexpected monetary exposures which increase the volatility of your cash flows.

Lost End-user Productivity

When services stop working, productivity grinds to a halt for both internal and external users who are unable to access the services they need.

Customer Compensation

The need to offer compensation to customers in order to mitigate the damage to your brand’s reputation can directly affect your balance sheet.

Lost or Damaged Data

Downtime can prevent data from being captured, recorded and stored, requiring time-consuming work as people have to re-enter or reconfigure it later.

Lost Employee Productivity

Your IT and service teams need to shift from their normal working activities to figuring out how to support customers & bring the business back online.

Reputational Damage

Your customer service, marketing and sales teams need to handle the negative feedback and update clients, some of whom may never come back.

Our Policies Provide Certainty From Day One

What payment you will receive

Specify the coverage amount according to your business needs so you know exactly how much compensation you will receive 

What damages are covered

Our policies cover losses that results from 3rd-party outages including loss revenues, SLA liabilities, productivity, and more

What services/regions are included

Tailor the policy to your CDN infrastructure so that you quickly receive a payout when your third-party provider is impacted

When the coverage kicks in

By specifying your preferred waiting period you can determine exactly how much downtime risk you want to retain on your side

When you will payment be received

Once triggered, you will receive payment within a couple of weeks instead of months, without the need for a traditional claims adjustment process

When you should make changes

We help you understand your downtime risks by providing actionable insights that help optimize your CDN infrastructure

How you can use the funds

The policy can be used to indemnify any financial loss, whether SLA costs, loss of income, overtime costs, or any other losses

How easy it is to expand coverage

Cover as few or as many services as you need at any specific moment, and easily add more as you scale up your businesses and CDN usage

How reliable our monitoring system is

Our system continuously tracks the health of your CDN services so that you are alerted as soon as a downtime event occurs

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Downtime happens.
We make sure you’re
financially protected.

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