Crypto Cloud Outage Insurance

Build Trust and Resilience into your Crypto Platform

Crypto is built on trust. Trust in exchanges, in wallets, in traders, DeFi and in technology drive adoption. But sometimes, trust is breached for reasons beyond your control. 

45% of crypto users said they experienced a service outage on a crypto platform they use. Of them, 71% said they would switch to another platform, exchange or wallet after an outage.

Crypto outages are an ominous threat to the industry. A human error in a public cloud hundreds of miles away can erode trust in your system and undermine your entire operation. For the first time, there’s insurance against the damages of crypto cloud downtime.

What happens when your crypto platform goes down?

When your customers can’t trade, swap or exchange they stand to lose money. But they’ll also lose trust in your ability to provide dependable real-time service. 

Build trust

Show your customers you’re insuring them against outage-related losses

Protect revenue

Safeguard the cash flow to recoup revenue streams that are lost during tech outages

Prevent churn

Ensure the resources to keep your customers happy in the event or tech downtime

Crypto Cloud Downtime Insurance is the only way to protect your customers and business from the damages of tech outages

Coverage determined by what you need

Specify the amount of coverage you need for each hour of downtime 

Trigger policy by a cloud outage

We continuously monitor your services (you don’t have to install anything!) so we know exactly when downtime begins

Quickly receive your payout, hassle free

You will get the pre-agreed payment within 15 days with no usage restrictions or claims adjustment process

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Want to learn more?

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Learn more about coverage for downtime caused by cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure and GCP

Learn more about coverage for downtime caused by ecommerce service providers such as Shopify and BigCommerce

Learn more about coverage for downtime caused by third-party payment service providers such as Stripe and PayPal

Learn more about coverage for downtime caused by CRM service providers such as SalesForce and HubSpot

Downtime happens.
We make sure you’re
financially protected.

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