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Let’s be partners

We partner with top professionals to make sure our product brings the most value to our customers, and increase sales and profitability of our partners

  • (Re)Insurance Carriers

    With our trusted technology, we create innovative parametric insurance policies to solve the toughest challenges tech-insurance faces today. We’re always looking for more carriers to take part, learn and collaborate with. Based on a collection of robust datasets, we price accurately, underwrite cost-efficiently, aggregate global risk and detect insured events in real-time while providing insurers an accurate and precise view of risk accumulation and concentration across services and regions.

  • Brokers and Agents

    Tech insurance can be difficult and complicated to sell. We have created a simple, transparent insurance product that is easy to explain to the customer. The onboarding takes only a few minutes and claims management is fully automated without the need to file a claim.

  • Outsourcing Service Providers

    Provide your customers with the protection they deserve. We can tailor make our insurance to cover the failures of your systems and allow proper and quick compensation to your customers.
    Service providers buy our policy and distribute them to their customers as a warranty, or upsell their current product offering. This allows them to hedge their external risks, offering their users an unforgettable UX, and helping them release SLA reserves to create an unbeatable competitive edge.

  • IT Service Providers

    Mitigating downtime risk is the highest priority. With our policy you can finally ensure your customers a proper financial solution to complement your existing strategy. Our partners enjoy a product upsell and more importantly, satisfied customers bringing insurance into the world of IT.