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Our state-of-the-art monitoring system tracks the availability and performance of third-party cloud-based services across the globe. Without requiring our customers to install anything on their systems, it continuously collects granular data in real time with detection capabilities down to the millisecond.

Identifies downtime events

As soon as issues arise through the tests we continuously run on the third-party providers’ systems, we automatically alert our customers so they can implement business recovery and continuity procedures even before the policy goes into effect.

Generates actionable insights

The sophisticated analytics we run on the data enable us to provide our customers with valuable information regarding the performance and risk levels of their third-party services providing a direct and positive impact on their financial and operational status.

Powers our algorithms

The objective data we collect is the basis for the parametric index that allows us to build accurate risk and pricing models which result in highly tursted policies based on each customer’s unique technology stack, risk profile and business needs.

Manages risk aggregation

Our system and the parametric nature of our offerings enable us to fully identify and quantify risk exposure in order to manage the insurance portfolio in line with the current appetite for risk, as well as accurately quantify disaster scenario outcomes.

Everything You Need to Manage Your Third Party Risks

We collect millions of pieces of data on a daily basis regarding the availability and performance of each third-party cloud-based service. This allows us to provide our customers and partners with dashboards that are easy to both use and understand, and include everything your finance, legal, IT and development teams need to efficiently manage your company’s third-party IT risks.

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Status data

Define your policy parameters, including waiting times and financial losses, to account for lost revenue, customer compensation, operational costs and more

Event detection

When an outage occurs, you will be able to see in real-time which external systems are involved, the event’s duration, cause, location and severity

Performance suggestions

Receive the actionable insights you need regarding the risk levels of your services and infrastructure in order to make the right operational decisions

Industry benchmarking

View rankings and comparisons across providers, regions and services in terms of availability and performance based on current and historical data

Operational insights

Discover data points that can help you streamline your cloud operations, such as cloud dependencies, trends over time & predictive outage analytics

Want to learn more?

Learn more about the deep granularity and accuracy of our monitoring system, and the need for data-driven insights regarding cloud-based services

Learn more about parametric policies which are triggered when objective criteria are met, creating a transparent and hassle-free claims process

Read through our FAQ list which covers everything you need to know about  downtime, as well as about company, offerings and coverage

Downtime happens.
We make sure you’re
financially protected.

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