Cloud Downtime Insurance

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Top Corporates

We partner with the best in the business

Outages happen.
We make sure you’re financially protected.

We insure businesses across various industries including healthcare, fintech, cyber security, manufacturing, airlines, and more. 

Backed by the world's leading reinsurers

Our policies are backed with the financial strength of the most trusted insurance providers in the market 

Clear triggers, pre-agreed payouts

We pay claims at pre-agreed formula levels after the insured outage event without the hassle of claims adjustment process

Broadest coverage, for every type of loss

Pay for lost revenues, third-party liabilities, depleted productivity, or any other expense, there are no restrictions

Tech-enabled insurance for tech-dependent companies

Our state-of-the-art monitoring system tracks the availability and performance of third-party cloud-based services. Without requiring customers to install anything on their systems, it continuously collects granular data in real-time with detection capabilities down to the millisecond.

How It Works

Determine Coverage Levels

We work with customers to calculate a level of coverage per hour of cloud downtime that makes sense for their business, with the flexibility of dynamic coverage.

Cloud Outage Occurs

Parametrix monitors cloud services continuously, so we know exactly when downtime happens. Customers don’t have to install anything.

Get the Funds You Need, Hassle-free

We pay claims at pre-agreed formula levels right after the outage event, so customers can recover expenses, repair damages, and reaffirm their commitment to clients and investors without the hasslte of a claims adjustment process.

Downtime happens.
We make sure you’re
financially protected.

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